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S3 Key Dates


Hillpark Secondary School

S3 Key Dates


Information for Parents / Carers


S3 is the final year of the Broad General Education phase of Curriculum for Excellence.  In S2, your child undertook the “My Learning Journey” exercise. This allowed some personalisation in S3 across the range of curriculum areas.

S3 will be an important year of learning for your child before they move into the Senior Phase of their    education.  Learning over the course of S3 will help them to develop strong foundations to move into S4 where your child will focus on studying for their   National qualifications and working towards the SQA exams which they will sit at the end of S4 (if they are working at National 5 level). These will be vital to their future as in today’s changing world achieving the very best qualifications is essential.  At Hillpark we try to ensure that your child has access to a range of opportunities to help support them in this important year.  This leaflet provides you with the key dates you need to know to ensure that you can help your child to be prepared. We hope that you find this helpful.    




Ms S Crawford
Head of S3

November 2016

Friday, 25th - 1st Interim Report issued

January 2017

Wednesday, 25th - Pastoral Care Reports issued

March 2017

Monday, 20th - S3 Exams begin

May 2017

Friday, 12th - S3 Reports issued
Tuesday, 16th - S3 Parents' Evening
Tuesday, 30th - S4 Timtable begins