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Pastoral Care

  Pastoral Care

House Groups at a Glance


All pupils in Hillpark Secondary are attached to a House Group headed by a Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care who will aim to ensure that each pupil is known personally and in depth, and will identify and respond quickly to pupils' individual needs.

The Social Education programme promotes each pupil’s personal, social and intellectual development, and helps pupils to be independent, responsible for their own actions and capable of making appropriate decisions.

All Pastoral Care staff work closely with parents and guardians and support services in the interest of pupils' development, and try to foster the development of good relations between teachers and pupils. They bring together all information on a pupil’s development to ensure that parents and relevant staff are kept up-to-date and that a co-ordinated approach to each pupil’s needs is developed.



 Click on a House Group for more information:
 Cairngorm: Mr G McKend
 Nevis: Mr F Dixon 
 Pentland: Mrs L Kirwan
 Merrick: Ms S Crawford
 Lomond: Mrs K Ferguson


Duties Undertaken by Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care staff are concerned with all aspects of pupils’ education. Some of the duties performed by Staff during every school session include:

  1. Interviewing, advising and supporting all pupils in each House Group from S1-S6
  2. Monitoring pupils’ attendance, timekeeping, behaviour and progress in all subjects
  3. Providing reports for pupils/parents and target-setting within these reports
  4. Advising on subject choice at the end of S2, S4 and S5
  5. Providing careers education, information and advice and liasing with Careers staff
  6. Providing guidance and information on university and college
  7. Providing references for employers and Higher Education establishments
  8. Meeting with and reporting to specialist services on behalf of pupils and parents, including Attendance, Reporter, Psychologists, Social Workers, Resources and Careers
  9. Interviewing parents to discuss various issues
  10. Responding to referrals made by colleagues as quickly as possible