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S2 Outdoor Learning

S2 Outdoor Learning Week


Fortunately, we avoided the energy sapping weeks of June’s heat-wave, holding Outdoor Learning Week under familiar grey clouds and drizzle instead.

Jackets donned, S2 pupils spent the best part of a week learning outside of the classroom. In Maths they measured perimeter and area, in Technical they repaired playground furniture, in HFT they identified herbs and vegetables and in English they ran around the school grounds trying to solve Ms Kane’s legendary treasure hunt.

The week culminated in a trip to Pollok Park where almost all pupils in S2 participated in conservation activities across the park. Their experiences and efforts allowed pupils to work towards a John Muir Discovery Award, which can be achieved by exploring, discovering, conserving and sharing a wild place.

Hats off (and umbrellas up) to the positivity of Hillpark’s pupils and staff for their willingness to roll up their sleeves, give new ways of learning a try and make a difference in the process.