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Loch Lomond Sea Life Aquarium

In December the S5/6 ESOL class organised a trip to the excellent Sea Life Aquarium at Loch Lomond.

Pupils travelled by mini-bus to Loch Lomond on the last week of term. Their first treat was a close-up view of otters being fed. The large glass tank allowed us to see their fabulous swimming abilities as well as how they 'cooperated' as a community on land.

Another highlight was seeing the Giant Sea Turtle being fed lettuce and broccoli. The fifteen year old amphibian could swim faster than any of the sharks in the massive tank due to her powerful front flippers.

The trip was rounded off with a walk along the flooded shore of Luss beach before heading back to school.

The trip has introduced pupils to an area of outstanding beauty on the city's doorstep and kindled and interest in the kingdom below ever-rising waters.