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Clothing Grant / Free Schol Meals

Clothing Grant / Free School Meals

There have been recent media reports about the council’s decision to increase the school clothing grant and make it a simpler process for parents and carers – with families now being notified that they qualify for the grant instead of having to apply.

Letters are being sent out to parents and carers across the city over the next couple of weeks – more details copied below for information – and press and media should be running the story this week to highlight to Glasgow families.

I know that many parents will look to their child’s school for more information so here is some useful head office contact details that you can pass on to your families:

School Clothing Grant information telephone - 0141 287 3110

Or Email the Financial Inclusion Partnership (Finance)  on if you have any queries

Glasgow City Council Update School Clothing Grant Background Information for Headteachers and schools

More than 25,000 envelopes with vouchers for school clothing grants are being delivered this week.This follows the announcement made earlier in October that 5000 low income families were in line to automatically receive their unclaimed £52 school clothing grant (SCG).

Under plans revealed as part of the city’s new anti-poverty strategy – People Make Glasgow Fairer – the annual SCG award has also been increased by £5 to £52 per child, per year.

This means that more than 20,000 parents will also receive a backdated payment of £5 to reflect this increase.

Councillor Frank McAveety said: “This is one of the first outcomes from People Make Glasgow Fairer backed by the Poverty Leadership Panel. I’m pleased that we’ve managed to get the money out to those who need it and are entitled to it as quickly as possible.“Hopefully it means the money can be used to buy new uniform items for the start of the new term in January. And although not a huge sum the £5 could be used towards vests, tights, hats and gloves to keep out the cold to and from school.”

To identify recipients of the unclaimed benefit the project matched data of those who receive housing benefit and council tax reduction and with details of all children living and attending school in Glasgow.

The results mean that the SCG payment can now be automatically sent to those who are entitled to it. The council will now also now pay this sum routinely each year to those that are entitled, without people having to apply for it separately. 

The vouchers will be released in several batches over a two week period that people will start to receive from 6th December.

The council, through People Make Glasgow Fairer, is leading on projects to make sure pensioners receive full benefit entitlements to end so called pensioner poverty, developing in-work support guidance for those on low incomes and trialling a service where by the council provides a free phone line, direct to Dept. for Work and Pensions, in libraries, to make lengthy assessment calls easier and cheaper.

Councillor McAveety is Co-Chair of the Poverty Leadership Panel. The work of the Poverty Leadership Panel looks at number of issues around having no money, including the impact on health, social exclusion and the effect on people’s confidence and aspirations. It addresses stigmatisation of people who claim benefits, having access to affordable credit, being able to participate in places and services that affect their lives, those in work are paid a fair wage, mitigating welfare reform measures, receiving benefits that they are entitled to.

It particularly focuses on the most vulnerable groups in our society, in terms of at risk of being in or falling into poverty including pensioners, ethnic minorities, those with disabilities and lone parent families.

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