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National 5 Maths
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National 5 Maths

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Disclaimer - These notes are not produced by Hillpark Maths so they may be slightly different to your class notes in places.

Full Course Notes      Unit By Unit Notes      Other Notes, Guides, and Revision

Full Course Notes:  Short explanations, one example per concept.


Unit by Unit Notes: Longer explanations, more examples.

Expressions and Formulae 1

Expressions and Formulae 2

Relationships 1

Relationships 2

Relationships 3

Applications 1

Applications 2

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Other Notes, Guides and Revision

The following guides contain helpful notes, revision questions, and answers.

Expressions & Formulae            Relationships              Applications

Expressions and Formulae

(1) Significant Figures & Scientific Notation Guide

(2) Volume Guide

(3) Arc and Sector Guide

(4) Breaking Brackets & Factorising Guide

(5a) Indices Guide

(5b) Surds Guide

(6) Algebraic Fractions Guide

(7) Gradient Guide

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(1) Linear Equations and Gradients

(2) Changing the Subject of a Formula


(4) Simultaneous Equations

(5) Circles, Angles and Tangents



(8) Quadratic Equations Guide

(9) Trigonometric Graphs & Equations

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(1) Further Trigonometry


(3) Statistics

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