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LGBT Equalities Group

Hillpark Equalities Group

Hillpark Equalities Group meets every Thursday lunchtime in the RME department. This group is a safe space where all pupils and staff are welcome regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

On Thursday lunchtimes in the group, we watch videos, have discussions and plan events but we also eat lunch and hang out together.

As well as being a safe space for pupils, the Equalities Group runs campaigns in the school. Last year we organised a “Purple Friday” celebration of our LGBT heroes, including a Purple Bake Off. We raise money for organisations like LGBT Youth Scotland. Here are some photos from our Purple Friday event!

Equalities Group has also been involved in changing Hillpark. Equalities Group members have been consulted by senior management and have helped to shape school policy.

More and more schools are setting up groups like our Equalities Group. LGBT Youth Scotland thinks that over 25% of Scottish schools have one. If you want to read more about these groups, why Hillpark has one and LGBT young people in Scotland here are some resources.