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Hillpark Rewards Scheme




Promoting a Positive Ethos – Hillpark Reward System




In Hillpark Secondary, our aim is to ensure that every child realises their full potential within an environment that encourages them to develop as young people in a positive way.  It is our policy to praise and reward a positive attitude. 

As replacement to the merit award scheme, a new “stamp” system will be implemented.  Every pupil in Hillpark Secondary will be issued with a Study Planner that has blank sheets ready to be stamped. At any point, or at the end of the lesson, the teacher may decide to award a single pupil or a group of pupils a stamp. This may be for an excellent piece of work, good behaviour or sustained effort.


Parents have a very important role to play in ensuring that every child recognises the importance of self-discipline and showing a positive attitude.  You will be able to see your child’s progress in the first instance by looking in their Study Planner, where you will find the blank sheets. At various times throughout the school year there will be events such as free discos for pupils who have the requisite number of stamps, prize draws, trips to the cinema etc. If a pupil has not completed a sheet by the end of the month the sheet is carried on until complete and then entered into the next draw of event. In this way we hope to keep pupils motivated even if they do not complete a sheet as quickly as some other pupils. You can help by encouraging your child to be proud of the contribution they will make in creating a positive atmosphere in Hillpark Secondary.


Together we can ensure that Hillpark Secondary continues to be a safe, happy, creative learning environment where pupils develop self-esteem, self-discipline and show respect, tolerance and care for others.



J Philbin

Depute Head Teacher