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Minutes of Meeting 10.10.2013
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Class Representative Meeting 10/10/2013

Q1. What are the five best things about Hillpark Secondary School?

The swimming pool, the lunches, the trips, different subjects, badminton, the clubs, the pupils, pastoral care, PE< teachers (helpful), uniform, blazers, atmoshpehere, events, all of the different clubs,


Q2 What are the five most important changes you feel we could make next year to  make Hillpark even better?


The pitch, vending machines, toilets, open big gates, refurbish outside of school, new bins, more practical work, more lockers, more non uniform days, more trips  for seniors,


Q3. How many pupils from each year group should be on the pupil council?

 Any nominations – Name and year group.


Elected Pupil Council

S1 – Rachel West, Lewis Roberston, Callum Walker

S2 – Charlene Maclachlan, Jordan Nicholl, Karamjeet Singh

S3 – Adam Baird, Nadine Mowles, Muyasser Saeed

S4 – Romy Gilgallon, Mahzeb Hussain, Kirsty Campbell, Dorsa Alasheni

S5 – Dean Thornton, Albana Krasniqi, Declan Davidson

S6 – Kirsty Pender, Tommy Wright, Kieran Sheehan, Alasdair Earle, David Chukwujekwu

Ethos Group Memebers

Tommy Wright, Rachel West and Lewis Roberston.

Q4.  What rewards would you suggest for S3 – S6?

Alton Rowers, football stadiums, M and Ds Xcape, cinema, bowling, chocolate factory, paintball, football match, West Linton, swimming, beach, buffet, curry, ice scating, Xmas Rreward trips.