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About Hillpark
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About Hillpark Secondary
Hillpark Secondary is a non-denominational school with 980 pupils currently enrolled. It is part of the Hillpark Learning Community, enjoying close working links with its associated primary schools and pre-five partners.
View of Hillpark Secondary School
The school itself is an attractive, well-equipped building which boasts excellent facilities including its own swimming pool, fitness suite, games hall, eight fully-equipped ICT labs, a well-resourced library, playing fields, drama studio and assembly hall with state-of-the-art ICT equipment.
A significant feature of the school is the Autism Unit, which has 18 pupils within the Autistic Spectrum. These pupils are integrated either partially or fully into mainstream classes.
The school has an active Parent Council which represents the views of parents to the Principal and the Authority. The School Board meets once per month and is comprised of parents and co-opted members. Hillpark Secondary pupils benefit from an outstanding extra-curricular programme ranging from football to horseriding. The Pupil Council is elected on an annual basis by the pupils and meets monthly.
The Senior Management Team (SMT) consists of the Head Teacher, Formal Depute and three Depute Head Teachers. Subjects and departments  are managed by four Faculty Heads and nine Principal Teachers (Curriculum). There are also five Principal Teachers of Pastoral Care. In total there are over 70 teaching staff, four clerical, four Pupil Support Assistants, three technicians and three janitorial staff.
Hillpark also received the accreditation as a "Health Promoting School".