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Hillpark Secondary School Assessment Calendar 2015-2016


The Assessment Calendar for 2015-2016 will be helpful to parents, carers and students by informing when assessments are due to take place over the course of this session.


The calendar is relevant to all pupils in S4, S5 and S6 as it contains assessment information for the following levels – National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.


The calendar provides information various types of assessment information – Unit assessments, folio preparation, external assignment preparation for the SQA and exam preparation for prelim and final examinations.


The dates on the calendar are as accurate as possible but they are subject to change depending on the progress and needs of individual pupils.


The Assessment Calendar is split into 3 sections:


1.    Hillpark Secondary School SQA Calendar 2016

This lists the dates of the final SQA Examinations for exams at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level.

All National 3 and National 4 courses are internally assessed and do not have an external examination.

Some National 5 subjects do not have an external examination but are assessed using internal assessment and by submitting project work to the SQA.


2.    Combined Assessment Calendar for Hillpark Secondary School 2015 -2016

This page has combined all the subjects offered in Hillpark Secondary School and lets you see all the assessments planned across the school in any week of the school year.

This will be helpful when planning a study routine as it identifies quieter and busier times of the year for your child.

This is a very large document and you should scroll across the page to see every subject.


3.    Individual Departmental Assessment Calendar for Hillpark Secondary School 2015 -2016

This lists the assessment arrangements for each department in the school within their own section on the spreadsheet.

This will allow you to quickly check the assessment dates for any subject that your child is studying without the need to scroll through the combined calendar.


Please use this calendar to support your child with their assessments across this session.


If there is any further information on assessment to be issued to pupils/parents/carers then this will be set home at appropriate times throughout session 2015-2016.


Hillpark SQA Assessment Calendar.xls