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Careers Advice
 Skills Development Scotland
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I am Sandra Murphy your School Careers Adviser
I work for Skills Development Scotland and it is my job to help you make decisions about learning and your career.
I will see you in school for a confidential Career Guidance Interview where we will discuss making choices at school and the options open to you when you leave school.
Whether it is university, college, work or training, we will discuss the best option for you!
I can help you make well informed realistic decisions to help you think more clearly about your future.
I can also help you apply to the various opportunities available, help you compile an effective CV and give advice on job search and interviews.
I am in school every day except a Wednesday morning.
To make an appointment simply come up to the careers room at the back of the library on these days.
If am not there speak to your pastoral care teacher or leave a card in the box outside the careers room.
My support does not end once you have left school .When I am not in school I work in various locations in the local area
My contact details are:
 Email: 429 1999
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