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 Department at a Glance

 Principal Teacher:- Mrs J Kane

 Number of Teachers:- 9


Clubs run in the English Department at lunchtimes:

Tuesday – Senior Debating – Ms Kane and Mr Reilly

Tuesday – Manga and Comics Club – Mrs Kindness, Miss Stewart & Mrs McCarn

Thursday – Junior Film Club – Ms Kane

Clubs run in the English Department after school:

Wednesday – Craft Club – Mrs Byrne

Raising Attainment

A number of resources have been published to support students of English in preparation for the National 5 exam. Two of the most effective are:

How to Pass National 5 English – Hodder Gibson. £10.99

This resource is particularly useful in reinforcing exam skills.

N5 Study Guide – Bright Red. £12.99

This resource will help students prepare for all elements of internal and external assessment.

Hodder Gibson have also published National 5 English Portfolio Writing Skills; National 5 English Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation; and the National 4/5 English textbook. These resources will be used in class. Two resources include exam papers and will be used in class. These are useful for revision purposes and include marking schemes: Official SQA Specimen Question Paper National 5 English (Hodder Gibson £8.99) and National 5 English Practice Papers (Leckie and Leckie £7.99)

Pupils are encouraged to purchase their own copy of the literature text being studied. They can then annotate and highlight key quotations and passages to support their knowledge and revision. A good reading habit prepares pupils for the demanding ideas and vocabulary found in the literature we study and in the types of passages the SQA use for the Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation exam paper. All pupils are taught to apply a reading annotation code. This encourages thinking skills and helps with analysis of the writer’s main ideas and language. All pupils are provided with opportunities in class and for homework to apply this annotation code to the reading of quality news articles.

Dani Garavelli of ‘The Scotsman’ will work with pupils on analysing writers’ work and in using this analysis to develop their ideas, structure and vocabulary in their own Portfolio writing pieces. Pupils should access a paper or electronic copy of a quality newspaper on a weekly basis and become familiar with the style of columnists like Dani Garavelli.

Please click on the links for information on each qualifcation:

National 3

National 4

National 5


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